I am a father first, businessman second. If it were not for the love and support of my wife and kids, I would not be able to do these amazing things. My greatest accomplishment is my family.” Desmon LeJeune

The LeJeune Family

The LeJeune Family


My name is Desmon LeJeune, Owner and Chief Designer of LeJeune Clothing Company LLC. Our main goal is to produce fine and respectable clothing for kids and young men and those young of heart. As a father of 3 boys, I realize that their self image and self respect doesn’t start at 21, it starts the moment they are born. Despite the style that this world imposes on our children as being cool, it is often looked upon by others as disrespectful, tasteless, and tacky. Our mission is to make dress clothes something cool to be in. To teach young boys and men that self respect is a big part of being a man and becoming good father. Your self image and name is what we are all born with, but very rarely use to its maximum potential. By dressing respectfully, this will allow them to gain the respect of their peers and others in their community alike. My father always taught me to always be properly groomed and well dressed. Even though we didn’t have a lot of disposable income to spend on clothing, my parents made sure I looked respectable. I hope you enjoy our designs and our ever growing ambition to respectably dress young boys and men not the way “WE” want them to dress, but rather how “THEY” want and respected.


Thank you

Desmon LeJeune
Owner and Cheif Designer
LeJeune Clothing Company LLC